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Business Risk Solutions

First Fidelity Bank is dedicated to the overall success and protection of the businesses that bank with us. First Fidelity Financial Services works with the INSURICA Insurance Management Network to provide the risk management experience every business needs and expects.

At First Fidelity Financial Group and Insurica, we focus on the ‘whole’ picture, rather than just the ‘policy’ using a thorough five-step process:

  • Identification of exposures to loss.
  • Analysis and review of alternative methods to handle those exposures.
  • Determination of the best methods to handle the loss exposures.
  • Successful implementation of the selected techniques.
  • Monitoring and adjusting the program.

“Improper insurance management has an impact on your bottom line.” By having a deeper understanding of your business, we’re able to uncover solutions that lead to greater opportunities and savings.

  • Risk Management Program Review
  • Risk Control & Risk Financing Strategy
  • Loss Prevention
  • Insurance Legal Reviews
  • Claims Resolution Strategies
  • Property & Casualty Claims Support
  • Property Valuation Reviews
  • Claims Experience Analysis
  • Property & Liability Surveys
  • Loss Prevention/Reduction Programs
  • Workers Compensation Claims Advocacy
  • and Many More...